HIV infection is unique among medical conditions. It’s sexually transmitted, has caused the world’s largest global epidemic, appeared only in the late 20th century and primarily affects people who are marginalized or discriminated against.  HIV carries enormous social stigma and has completely transformed the world we live in. That being said, it’s impossible to talk about the medical care given to HIV+ patients without also talking about relationships, sex and sexuality, mental health, substance abuse, politics, and even about our place in the world and our responsibility to our fellow human beings.

Rossi Wellness Center is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive, HIV care that is affordable as well as accessible. Our care is given in a place of comfort and compassion, not judgement. We encourage openness and promote patient empowerment. Backed by a breadth of knowledge and experience, our HIV specialists and other medical care providers are here to help you along your path of optimal health and well-being. Our staff is trained to provide the highest quality of care and we focus on continuous improvement. Our medical care services include routine physicals, anti-retroviral management, medication management, prophylactic treatments, emotional counseling, and nutrition and exercise guidance specific to people who are HIV positive.