Bellafill Treatment In Philadelphia

Bellafill is a non-surgical dermal filler used to reduce, or even eliminate, the appearance of “smile lines.” Also known as “nasolabial folds,” smile lines appear as creases along the sides of your mouth and nose. A combination of microspheres enhanced with bovine collagen and lidocaine to promote comfort, Bellafill dermal filler serves not only to fill, but also to support, an aesthetically-pleasing face for years to come.

Is Bellafill Right For Me?

Bellafill wrinkle correction for nasolabial folds is appropriate for many who want to reduce the effects and appearance of aging. Before your Bellafill treatment, the Philadelphia aesthetic professionals at Rossi Wellness Center will administer a Bellafill skin test. The skin test determines whether or not Bellafill is a good choice for your body. Bellafill is not appropriate for those who:

  • are allergic to lidocaine, the anesthetic contained in Bellafill
  • are allergic to bovine collagen products
  • experience thick or excessive scar formation
  • have severe allergies or hypersensitivity

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How Long Does Bellafill Last?

Unlike many other dermal fillers, like Radiesse and Belotero, Bellafill’s beneficial effects can be seen long after your treatments are complete. Injected below the wrinkle but above the layer of fat beneath, an Bellafill procedure takes just 15 – 30 minutes.

Other dermal fillers are eventually absorbed by your body, losing their effect over time. Bellafill is different. In addition to adding structure and definition to your skin, the microspheres in Bellafill dermal injections encourage your skin’s natural production of collagen, stimulating long-lasting effects. In US clinical studies, the results of Bellafill dermal filler were found to last indefinitely.

Does Bellafill Have Side Effects?

After treatment, as with any wrinkle filler, expect minor redness and swelling at the injection site. This reaction is normal and temporary. Light bruising may appear, but will go away in no more than seven days. Rare side effects include rash, itch, and increased sensitivity.

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Does Bellafill sound like the correct dermal filler for you? Bellafill creates beautiful, natural, and long-lasting effects by harnessing your body’s natural ability for rejuvenation. Contact Rossi Wellness Center to learn more.